Who is Blackstar Advisory

We are a team of business experts, each having reached a level of expertise and experience. The sum of the Blackstar team creates a synergy for growth companies that is unlike any other advisory firm.

Our Vision

Creating and actioning unique solutions others overlook, ensuring every step of the way is aligned with your business goals.

Our Mission

Provide centralised, commercially driven solutions and opportunities.
Streamline the process of accessing vital resources and making the critical introductions, empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

Our Approach


We tailor our approach to your business via in-depth process. Exploring your motivations, goals, and success criteria.

Our diagnostic process delves into your unique situation, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. We use this insight to create a customised strategy for your vision's realisation.

Defining the

We leverage our extensive network to connect you with specialised support.

We co-design a strategy roadmap and work closely with you throughout its execution, utilising the best resources and teams to help you achieve ambitious outcomes.

Co-Design &
Solution Execution

We create a custom strategy roadmap, your goals and challenges. Then we work alongside you every step of the way.

We assemble an expert team from our network and internal resources. Every detail is addressed and every obstacle is overcome. Our sole focus is on ensuring you achieve your goals.

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Helping you Raise Capital

The partners at Blackstar connect you with the capital you need to scale your business.
Blackstar introduces investors to sustainable and growing businesses.
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Our Clients

As a team, Blackstar has over 150 years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of clients across multiple industries, at different stages of the business growth and life cycle.
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Meet the Team

industry experts, connectors and strategists


Over 30 years Ned has developed a strong business acumen and nurtured an influential network that has lead to his appointment as CEO of Blackstar Advisory.


Committed to supporting businesses in their growth and development journeys.
having played a role in the growth of several companies, the focus has always been on delivering tailored, actionable solutions.


Assisting global family offices with key personnel hires across a number of sectors, including; FMCG, mining, financial services, property, healthcare and Tech.


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Over 25 years advising in M&A, raising growth and strategic capital, setting long term capital and acquisition strategies. Deep global connections in Tech, VC, PE, Mining, Infrastructure, Utilities, Renewable Energy and Funds Management.


Passionate about building teams, empowering growth and international business expansion opportunities. strong connections with HNW & family offices globally.

Ready to grow?

When you are ready for the power of the Blackstar team to catapult your business to the next level
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