Corporate Advisory

Blackstar Advisory

Blackstar Corporate Advisory caters to businesses who require strategic and tactical advice in identifying opportunities and strategic options for public and private mergers and acquisitions, IPO, capital markets advisory and project advisory.

Our clients seek our help when:

  • Business growth is stalling.
  • They need a fresh set of eyes on the problem.
  • Retention and attraction issues with good employees.
  • Internal politics are stifling success.
  • Managing cash flow is a challenge.
  • Systems and processes could be better and more efficient.
  • A need to tighten up accounting and business wide reporting.
  • Your business needs specialist skills.

Corporate Advisory typically involves more traditional approaches with CFO and Legal.

At Blackstar we've expanded corporate advisory to help with any of the challenges a business encounters. We have teams of experts in fields including; CFO, legal, sales, marketing, HR and more.

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